Welcome to the Grid Engine plugin! This Phaser 3 plugin adds grid-based movement to your tilemap game. Your characters will be able to only move in whole tile sizes, locked to the x-y grid!

This plugin is also compatible (and written in) TypeScript; enjoy full type support!


  • Grid-based movement, of course!
  • Tile-based collision detection
  • One-way collision detection
  • Support for multiple characters
  • Pathfinding (for both NPCs and the player)
  • Random movement (can also limit to a radius)
  • Following other characters
  • Diagonal movement (8 directions)
  • Isometric maps (Beta)
  • Multiple character layers (Beta)
  • Collision groups

📖 Read our most current documentation.

➡️ You can try/download a list of examples.

🛠 Also check out the Chrome DevTools plugin.


Installing the Grid Engine plugin is simple.


npm i --save grid-engine


<!-- Download the .zip and copy GridEngine.min.js from dist directory -->
<script src="GridEngine.min.js"></script>

Then, inside your Phaser game config...

const gameConfig = {
// ...

plugins: {
scene: [
key: "gridEngine",
plugin: GridEngine,
mapping: "gridEngine",

// ...

const game = new Phaser.Game(gameConfig);

Now you're all set to start using Grid Engine in your scenes!

function create() {
// ...

const gridEngineConfig = {
characters: [
id: "player",
sprite: playerSprite,
walkingAnimationMapping: 6,

this.gridEngine.create(tilemap, gridEngineConfig);

// ...

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