Migrate to Version 2

Why Migrate?

Version 1 will not be maintained anymore. Version 2 gets rid of old deprecated methods and properties. This speeds up development. As a bonus, version 2 uses the version of Phaser you are using for your game instead of bringing its own copy. This means that the file size of GridEngine 2 is < 100kb instead of ~1mb as in GridEngine 1.

This guide helps you to migrate from version 1.x to version 2.x.

Replace moveLeft, moveRight, moveUp, moveDown

These methods were removed because there is a generic method move, that supports all 8 directions. For instance, replace moveLeft("player") with move("player", "left");

Replace Phaser.Math.Vector2

This dependency to phaser was removed. In version 2, all the public methods of GridEngine will take and return Position objects instead of Phaser.Math.Vector2. Position objects are simpler and only take x and y coordinates. Please note that a Phaser.Math.Vector2 is also a Position because it has properties x and y. So you can keep passing these as input if you like.

Rename positionChanged() to positionChangeStarted()

To keep the observable names consistent, positionChanged() has been renamed to positionChangeStarted(). This is consistent to positionChangeFinished().

Change Observable Return Types

In order to be consistent through all observables, the return types of movementStarted(), movementStopped() and directionChanged() have been changed from an array [string, Direction] to an object: {charId: string, direction: Direction}.

The following example code needs to be transformed as follows:

this.gridEngine.movementStarted().subscribe(([charId, direction]) => {
  // ...


this.gridEngine.movementStarted().subscribe(({ charId, direction }) => {
  // ...

Rename Tile and Tile Layer Properties

All tile and tile layer properties that previously started with gm_ have been renamed and now start with ge_.

Further, the tile property collides is not a default property anymore. You can either rename it in your tilemap to ge_collide or you can set it as collisionTilePropertyName in the config.

Remove firstLayerAboveChar Config Property

The deprecated firstLayerAboveChar config property has been removed. Use ge_alwaysTop tilemap layer property instead.

Remove characterIndex Character Config Property

The deprecated characterIndex character config property has been removed. Use walkingAnimationMapping instead.

Remove walkingAnimationEnabled

The character config property walkingAnimationEnabled has been removed. Simply don't provide a walkingAnimationMapping to disable walking animations.